On the 10th of November, 2023 John von Neumann University presents the first TEDxNeumann event!

Speakers from our institution will step on stage with acclaimed Hungarian and international thinkers, sharing their ideas, thoughts, experiences and stories with the audience.

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About TED

TED has totally changed the conference experience as it put the previous norm into a new dimension. It has grown to the most effective format of ideas worth spreading.

TED creates an intense and stimulating environment where participants can get deeper knowledge of each other and therefore the world.

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Hírek, aktualitások

Speaker preparation is thorough and ... khm ... well coordinated! :)

You will find our professors  among the TEDx-speakers - just like Bill Gates!
They are preparing to give their TEDx talks in topics which are exciting for not only the professionals but for every member of society, providing really informative stories!
Let's put the first TEDxNeumann together - together, on the 10th of November!